Of course, I'm a total shutterbug! I love taking pictures and the memories triggered by a visual cue. Cataloged here are many of the pictures I have taken in my life and travels. Click on the galleries below to see the enlarged pictures, as well as leave comments. However, some galleries are meant for friends and family only and will require a password in order to view.
Mt. Fuji at sunset.

Japan 2014-2016:

My travels and experiences living in Japan.

Foodie Files:

Because you know it's too tempting to take pictures of what you're eating. Here's all my food related photos from all over the world.

Private Gallery:

This gallery has pictures of friends, family, and myself. As a result is private and password protected.

The Old Gallery:

These are the galleries from 2014-2015. They will no longer be updated and house the pictures from my first two years in Japan.  

All the images of Japan that do not fit into other categories.

Foodie in Japan

What can I say? I love food. And I sometimes take pictures of my food before eating are those pictures.

Kawaii (Cute)

In Japan, cuteness (kawaii) is everywhere. And sometimes, you just can't resist taking a picture.

Nature in Japan

All the Japanese landscapes, flowers, trees, animals, and gardens you could want.

Himani the ALT

Pictures from working as an ALT (Alternative Language Teacher) in Japan.

Japan (Personal Gallery)

The gallery meant for friends and family's eyes only. You will need a password to view the photos here!

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