Only with your best face!

The 2nd year students finished a "mini presentation" assignment where they had to use only words and gestures to describe how to make a very easy food item (most of them Japanese). Examples are rice balls, rolled egg, ham sandwich, potato salad... Anyway, they had to script what they'd say first, with pictures showing the gestures they would make. It was this I decided to grade. I think this one may be my favorite phrasing: With your best face Not only does it have a rhyme, it clearly says that you should eat with your best face. Do I know they meant "happiest expression"? Yes. Does the phrasing "best face" tickle my funny bone? Yes.

Article by Himani

Himani enjoys a diverse life of trying to survive the educational world (now in Japan!) while still having time to participate in her hobbies like writing, reading, cooking, and photography. Prone to sarcasm and impatience, she's still trying to rise above the little things.

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