The last class with the 3rd Years

This term was the last one in which I had classes with the third year students. They were the grade level I mostly taught this first year in Japan. I don't know if I'd count them fully "my" students -- I came in the middle of the term in August -- but we had some good classes. Now, they'll be focusing on preparing for entrance exams into university, and I will be focusing on the 2nd and 1st year students. Since I started my profession in teaching, I've tried to give student surveys on the last day of classes. Just something small that gives me an idea of what the students enjoyed, what they wished they could do more of, and what caused them difficulties. This year wasn't any different; I made a student survey and handed it out. The last two questions, I asked them what their favorite thing in class was and what their least favorite thing was. A few of the replies surprised me. I really don't expect to get any compliments or thanks or anything -- teaching is kind of a thankless job -- but sometimes students will surprise you. IMG_20150603_154547.jpg IMG_20150601_082017~2.jpg IMG_20150528_154816.jpg

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Article by Himani

Himani enjoys a diverse life of trying to survive the educational world (now in Japan!) while still having time to participate in her hobbies like writing, reading, cooking, and photography. Prone to sarcasm and impatience, she's still trying to rise above the little things.

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