“Boys don’t cook”

We're doing presentations in class today and since the lesson from the textbook was instructions, I had the students write a simple recipe in English, then present it in front of class with some sort of visual -- poster, PowerPoint, etc. Did I know that some of the groups would consist of only boys? Yes. Was I worried about it? No. After one class, a JTE said to me: "There were many PowerPoints in that class." "Yes," I answered. "I suppose there were more boys who do them for science class." "Oh, PowerPoint presentations? That makes sense." "And boys don't cook." Me:  I guess they'll be eating a lot of ramen when they get to university...

Article by Himani

Himani enjoys a diverse life of trying to survive the educational world (now in Japan!) while still having time to participate in her hobbies like writing, reading, cooking, and photography. Prone to sarcasm and impatience, she's still trying to rise above the little things.

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