Even Mount Fuji is not immune to the cuteness

Another entry for my "Cuteness is Everywhere" file. 😉 During my bus ride to Shizuoka-ken's Board of Education (BOE), the bus stopped at a rest stop for lunch. It was a cloudy day, so Mount Fuji wasn't visible, but in the rest stop where all kinds of Mount Fuji plushies. Each one featured Fuji-san with a wide smile, blue base, and white snowy top. Charmed, I couldn't resist picking up one. The kawaii was just too much! Overcome, I chose one with fat, chubby fists flailing and a welcoming smile. On his back is the Japanese flag, and the tag reads (in English): Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan! Why yes, Fuji plushie, you speak the truth. IMG_20140811_103146.jpg

Article by Himani

Himani enjoys a diverse life of trying to survive the educational world (now in Japan!) while still having time to participate in her hobbies like writing, reading, cooking, and photography. Prone to sarcasm and impatience, she's still trying to rise above the little things.

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