Bento Cooking

Back in March, I joined a class that taught how to make “traditional” bentos (Japanese style lunches). We learned how to make staples that are particularly popular in kids’ bentos: rolled omelet, potato salad, seaweed salad, karage (fried chicken), and octopus weenies. I went with some friends and it turned out to be a fun afternoon….

Only with your best face!

The 2nd year students finished a “mini presentation” assignment where they had to use only words and gestures to describe how to make a very easy food item (most of them Japanese). Examples are rice balls, rolled egg, ham sandwich, potato salad… Anyway, they had to script what they’d say first, with pictures showing the…

Eat Club, why is that not a thing?

I’m currently grading the first year students’ introduction assignments. They have some basic questions — what’s your favorite book, TV show, food, singer, etc. — as well as a few asking about their high school life like which club they joined. Out of all the answers, I think this one is my favorite: Eat club?…


The Fox Village

So, this little excursion of mine wouldn’t have been possible without Kestrel, who found the video of the Fox Village on YouTube and informed me about this place…because I had no idea. Fox sanctuary in Japan? A place where you can walk with the foxes, feed the foxes, and pet a fox? Yeah, I was…

I’m still here!

  So I’m still here, kicking in it in the Land of the Rising Sun. I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been super duper busy. However, I really want to continue chronicling my adventures. Currently, there’s 7 posts I have drafts of, the only thing they’re waiting on (and what’s slowing…


Opinion Writing in a Different Country

I find cultural differences fascinating. Our personality and knowledge and habits, when we think of it, are made up of some many influencing factors. Environment, economical, gender, parental, societal, cultural…And nowhere is that more clear than when you’re teaching adolescents in another country.


Lunch today

I’ve discovered that if I go home I can make myself a large lunch salad and read a book while I eat. I’ve never had this luxury before, where going home for lunch is a viable option. Today, I had a salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red kidney beans, avocado, and a hard boiled egg…


The last class with the 3rd Years

This term was the last one in which I had classes with the third year students. They were the grade level I mostly taught this first year in Japan. I don’t know if I’d count them fully “my” students — I came in the middle of the term in August — but we had some…